ZBiddy Penny Auction Site

zbiddyZBiddy has become a very popular penny auction site lately mostly because it offers not only a shopping service, but also because it provides hours of entertainment for users who flock to penny auction sites in search of great bargains. Partner of Beezid.com, Zbiddy has grown considerably since it went live back in 2010. Just as its partner site, Zbiddy offers a great deal of benefits for users and claims to be 100% legitimate. In fact, it is one of the fastest-growing auction sites on the market these days as dozens of attractive items are advertised on the site, apparently auctioned at great prices to lucky winners all over the country.

The first thing that strikes visitors of ZBiddy.com is the hype surrounding the advertising: banners and pop ups that take for granted that this penny auction site is way better than its competitors and that participants are likely to get up to a 98% discount on their purchases: whether all this promotional gibberish is true or not remains to be seen. Let’s take a closer look at the site and find out what it has got to offer.

How it works:

Just as so many other penny auction sites, Zbiddy is based on a bidding system in which participants register, purchase bids, place bids, win the prize, pay for it and that’s it. So far so good, but this is how the system works in closer detail:

Getting Started:

Upon registration, first time users are requested to provide personal information and create a username. The steps in order to carry this out are simple enough. However, users may take a while to find the step-by-step instructions and many players claim to be confused at the beginning. When you register, you are given 100 promotional free bids to get you started. However, these will not be enough to take part in serious bidding this is why once the registration process is over users must purchase bids that will let them join in the auctions. These bids can be purchased through different payment methods and will eventually form part of each user’s account. Every time you place a bid, it will be deducted from your account and next time you purchase a new bid pack, the credit will be loaded automatically.

How do Auctions work?

Even when there are different types of auctions available for users to join in, the most sought after bidding mode is the live auctions one. In this type, participants are shown items online that start off at $0, every time a user places a bid, the price goes up by $0.1. At the same time, a countdown clock starts working with a limited time span. The idea is; when the clock gets to 0, the auction is over and the last participant to have placed the highest bid is the lucky winner and is entitled to purchasing the auctioned item at that price. Nonetheless, it is worth saying that whereas in traditional auctions it is the auctioneer who is in charge of timing and suspense, at penny auction sites, this task is performed by the clock that will reset itself every time a new bid gets placed for another 16 seconds. The good news is: ne bidders have the chance to go on bidding on the product; the bad news is that bidding can take forever.

According to many reviewers, bidding at Zbiddy takes a while to actually end and some participants claim to have been bidding on a product almost all day, only to find that somebody else would win it in the end. Even if the site claims that resetting time gets shorter and shorter as the auction process carries on, it is not that obvious and resetting seems to go on endlessly. If you win, the item is yours at the last bidding price and it will be shipped to your home after payment has taken place.

What if I lose? What happens to my bids?

All used bids are non-refundable and are lost once the auction is over. There are a few loopholes, however, that can be used in order to get your bids back. These are some types of auctions such as, Bids Back, Half Bids Back and Trophy in which a certain amount of used bids are given back to you. In addition, the Buy Now exclusive Beezid and ZBiddy feature allows you to cash your bids by redirecting them to our online store. That is, you get to purchase the item you “lost” at great retail price.

Why should I join ZBiddy?

t-upApparently there are quite a few advantages in using this site. These would be the most relevant ones:

Beezid Endorsement: There is a general agreement about Beezid’s experience and credibility. It is by far one of the most prestigious and reliable penny auction sites, the fact that Beezid is now behind Zbiddy and all Zbiddy accounts are asked to move to Beezid may help many participants to feel safe and confident around this site.

New, Top-quality products: All goods auctioned at Zbiddy are new, factory-wrapped and sealed and carry manufacturer’s warranty. Most popular products include I- pods, Kindle fires, magazines subscriptions, flat TVs and gift cards.

Free Shipping on auction wins: If you have won an item on an auction, shipping to your home address is completely free of charge.

Why Shouldn’t I join Zbiddy?

t-downFewer Winning Opportunities: At Zbiddy there are fewer types of auctions going on if compared with larger penny auction sites (including Beezid). It may be a pro for beginners who will take more advantage of milder competition. On the other hand, if you are an auctions expert, you will find that competition is way below your level of expertise. Besides, some of the products are not that great either.

Automatic Bidding: Major Flop: Stay away from Zbiddy’s EZ Buddy. This automatic bidding feature has been designed to help you keep on bidding even if you have somewhere else to be or have something else to do. What it really does is burn up all existing bidding credit and, eventually, increase bidding prices until items are well overpriced.

Final Say: Fun for first timers, scam alert level: apparently low.