Wellbid.com Penny Auction Site

wellbidJust when you thought all penny auction sites were the same, yet another one comes along to show that they reproduce and recreate like a Transformer on a Schizophrenia Spree. By far one of the most sophisticated penny auction sites online with hundreds of costly items ready to cater for any shoppers’ tastes. Also, this site takes a step further by going international. Most penny auction sites are geographically limited and fail to offer language alternative to non-English speakers. Wellbid has that pretty much covered and allows members to register not only in their native language, but also bid in their local currency. Very innovative and highly complex in presentation, Wellbid.com may strike as the greatest competitor in the world of auction sites thanks to its resourceful webpage. But is the site too good to be true, perhaps? Let’s take a closer look.

NOTE! If you are new/intermediate to penny auctions we strongly recommend you to read our guide on how to win penny auctions and how to get free bids.

How it works:

The Cyprus based website holds partner sites in many countries around the world; this allows them to personalize auctions focusing on cultural, economic and geographical differences. To get started future users must sign up, pay for bids –playing credit- and then join in one of the many auctions taking place simultaneously. A timer clock is set and the bidding begins. You can join in at any time during the bidding process, there is no saying whether bidding on the last minutes of an auction may end up in success or not. Apparently, the trick lies in avoiding items with heavy competition and trying to outsmart other players by not falling for cheap, unnecessary items just to satisfy your ego. If you do not end up winning the prize, you can resort to the “Buy now” alternative which has become very popular in most penny auction sites. Through this feature, participants are able to sort of “cash” their used bids by transforming them into shopping credit to be used on the same items they were bidding on; only that this time players will purchase them at the online store at retail price.

wheelsThis may sound all very familiar and sounds pretty much as the same thing most other sites do. However, Wellbid has lifted the ante by allowing users to reduce the retail price on the “Buy Now” feature as follows: the more bids you use to pay for your purchase, the less you pay for the item. Get it? It’s a kind of consolation prize discount through which customers can get up to 50% discount on the items they are interested in getting. Members should bear in mind that when they use bids to bring down the price of an item, they are lost. That is, you will no longer have those credits in your account. Similarly, not all auctioned items are available on the “Buy now” option and users should stay tuned in and look for the shopping cart icon. This will let them know whether an item can be bought directly or not. Also, participants should remember that they must have placed a bid at least three times during the auction in order to qualify for the “buy now”.

What kind of products can I find at Wellbid.com?

All kinds! One of the greatest assets of this penny auction site lies in the richness and the diversity of its inventory: brand new products, original packaging and manufacturer’s warranty, original brand name products and exceptional overall quality. The most widely sought after items include: Computers and Consoles: such as laptops, I pads, I phones, I Macs, Tablets, Digital mouse, webcams, Xbox, wireless touch keyboards, Sony play stations and many more.

Health and Beauty: Fancy designer perfumes like Calvin Klein, Prada or Valentino, hair straighteners, foot massagers, electric shavers and the like.

Mobile Phones: The latest high tech models featuring smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020, Galaxy Note III SM-N9005, Sony SmartBand Wristband, and so many more.

Household Appliances: Vacuum cleaners, blood pressure monitors, toasters, irons, bikes, drilling machines, steamer with blender, Swiss Army knives, Car GPS and everything you could need to equip your home.

Toys: Christmas shopping list for the next couple of years: anything a child may wish in top brands like Mattel, Lego or Disney.

Voucher, Gift Packs and Cards: a classic among penny auction mongers, Amazon gift cards and bid packs to carry on with the bidding entertainment.

So, now you see why users get easily caught on the site: prizes are a big wow. What is more, many newbies have said that they get so lost with product diversity that they don’t know where to begin.

Why should I join Wellbid.com?

t-upFor one thing, and most reviewers agree with this: there is a lot of adrenaline pumping all the way. Some biddings end with a close call and competition does get hot and heavy eventually. Stay away from the popular items if you are a greenie. If you are looking for fun and excitement, Wellbid is the place for you. Secondly, the vast array of sophisticated top brand products makes bidding almost irresistible. There is something on the inventory to suit everybody. Finally, the site looks legit enough and it’s got safety seals and company endorsements that ensure both privacy and legitimacy.

Why should I NOT join Wellbid?

t-downWhat with all the marketing strategy and sophistication, one would have guessed that this penny auction site may be an exception in the long list on the hall of shame. Guess what? It isn’t. In fact, there are hundreds of complaints out there posted on customers’ reviews and users’ forums. The one that appears most frequently is connected with shipping. A few upset users claim to have won items, only not to receive them later on. The second complaint is connected with the first one. When it comes to customer support, many players say that they were not fully satisfied with the kind of treatment their inquiry got. The site’s major weakness lies in the fact that it is not ONE site, but many parent sites spread over the globe. You never actually get to speak to the people in Cyprus, as issues are treated locally. This is all too bad because it casts a huge shadow of doubt as regards Wellbid’s prestige.

Bottom Line: High risk, potential high reward.