Store Passion Penny Auction Site

store-passionThe longest-running and one of the most-widely sought alter penny auction sites, Store passion goes for the traditional product auctioning process which involves multiple participants placing bids for over a certain period of time until there is a winner. In this case, the winner buys it all at amazing prices. GoDaddy verified and secured, the site is a favorite among housewives and retired senior citizens who are constantly looking for a good shopping deal.

How it works:

First time participants find it easy to join in as the webpage offers a user-friendly landing page full of illustrations, charts and instructions on how to join in and get you started. The process is done in a few simple steps:

Click join in now and complete the requested fields with your personal information.
Starter packs are offered for bidders to use during the auction.
Participants start bidding (some tips are provided on how to bid smartly if you are new)
Instructions for winners are provided
Instructions for non-winners are provided
Claim the purchased product
Get it in the comfort of your home

Apparently the whole Store Passion experience has been designed to satisfy most playful shoppers’ wildest dreams. There are a few things you should keep in mind though. The bidding site does not work the same for everybody; it is as if there were several different sites in one depending on the members’ level of fidelity. There are three different membership levels:

Newbie: First-time members are given 5 bonus credit offers, plus several chances of increasing the number through actions like friend referrals and the like. People at this level can only take part in bids of products valued at $25 or lower. Store Passion claims to block higher-priced more competitive products from greenies because they lack the experience to handle these types of auctions.

Starter: Members reach this level after purchasing, via normal money payment methods, at least $25 of credits. The scope opens up a bit and bidding begins to look more interesting.

Power: Only winners work their way up to this level. If you have been successful in at least one auction, you are now considered elite in the world of Store Passion and are strongly encouraged to share your story with others for inspiration. At this point, all auctions are open to you.

Apart from these membership types, one of the salient aspects of this auctions site is that they base the bidding process on credit availability, so you are not really bidding real money, but credit money –even when these credits are usually purchased with real money. The benefit of this system lies in the fact that bidding is fairly inexpensive, unlike similar sites that base their bidding method on US dollar cents.

What kind of products can I bid on at Store Passion?

The scope of possible auctions is large. Members can bid on household appliances, electronic goods, kitchenware, jewelry and watches, luggage and leather products, campsite, gardening and outdoor fun, health and fitness supplements and magazines, tools, musical instruments and gift cards, among many others. As you can see, the list seems to be endless and to cater for the needs of most family members.

What’s to like?

t-upConfidence and Trust: When a site has been around for so long, since 2009, and keeps negative reviews to the minimum, that has got to mean something. Most old-time members at stick to this auctions site basically because they trust it. Bidding is transparent and clear, items are what they are featured on the photographs. Shipping is also trustworthy as products get delivered timely and at affordable shipping costs.

Value for Money: Advertised goods are all brand new and come in their original packaging, with sealing and all. Manufacturers’ warranties are also included with the items for clients’ complete peace of mind. Furthermore, items are reasonably priced and in the end, most deals turn out to be real bargains. The fact that the bidding method is based on credits, rather than local currency, makes bidding far more inexpensive than in most other auctioning sites. Winners end up paying really low prices for top-quality goods, which is actually what the site is all about. When it comes to certain product categories like watches or jewelry, there seems to be a general agreement that all items are what they show you on the site. What is more, there is a certain site guarantee that claims that no advertised product is a replica. Even when gift cards are offered on this site, they are kept to a minimum, unlike many other auction sites which try to push the cards all the time.

User-friendly Website: The whole site has been carefully designed to help new members become acquainted with the method on a step by step process. The site features a blog which is extremely useful for curious potential participants, new members or more seasoned players looking to expand their horizons. The site also offers practical aids to keep your life going, like the automatic bidder. In this case the bidder will place bids for you –according to preferred settings- while you are busy doing something else.

Affordable Shipping Costs: Former Store Passion winners are more than satisfied with the company’s policy as regards product shipment. Not only are goods delivered on time, but at very reasonable prices, too.

What’s not so cool?

t-downLocked Out: The site created the “locked out” tool to protect new, inexperienced members when it comes to their first times at bidding. This system, however, is resented by many, who interpret it a tacit discrimination.

Very poor Online Reputation: Apparently, WOT (Web of Trust) have given a very low score as far as trustworthiness is concerned. Even when the reasons are not stated clearly, you should watch out and not ignore this reputation, rating and review tool as it has been designed to protect online users from future scam of any kind.