Some of the weird things you can buy online

weirdOnline shopping is pretty common today, and many people buy something at least once a week. People do their grocery shopping online; they also buy clothing, purchase appliances and furniture for the home, as well as many other items. Collectors also use the internet to do their shopping for collectibles and valuable items. There are also many strange items for sale online, bought by collectors and also bought by just your average Joes. Today you can buy just about anything online, probably because it is the ultimate free market place, or better yet, flea market, where anyone with a camera and a computer can sell whatever they want. This has led to some interesting items going up for sale online.

In fact, the fad of selling strange items online has become so commonplace that many people are deciding to cash in on this phenomenon and start web businesses that specialize in this trend specifically. Many websites have gone up in the last years that specialize in the sale of bizarre, weird, extravagant, unusual or downright sick items. Aside from these sites that specialize in the strange, websites like Amazon and eBay have really cornered the market for weird items available for sale and auction.

How online sites categorize the weird stuff for sale

Most of the online shopping websites that are open marketplaces where members can buy and sell just about anything, obviously have their fair share of bizarre and strange items, and to categorize them they have them organized into categories such as “weird stuff”, “really weird” and “totally bizarre” (eBay). You’ll also see categories called “everything else” and “weird collectible stuff”.

Some of the weird stuff that has been bought and sold online

Some of the strange, and also disgusting, animal related-goods you can buy online include animal skeletons, owl vomit, wolf urine, skinned codfish, and even dangerous bodily fluids like snake venom and scorpion poison. Animal taxidermy is a booming business online. You can find pretty much any animal you’re looking for stuffed and preserved, including birds, fish and moose heads. Severed mouse heads as a hair accessory is also available for sale online. Some of the animal related-products for sale online may not even be from real animals; you can buy unicorn meat online.

If you think shopping online for animal parts is gross, what about human parts? If you look, you can find the bodily parts and functions of humans for sale online too. Human skulls are available for sale online, for example. Also, on eBay one guy put up his own toenail for sale for about $10. The description simply stated that his toenail had fallen off in the shower and he was selling it to help pay bills because he had recently lost his job. Another man tried to sell his liver online, but it was taken down for legal reasons (if you didn’t know, it is illegal to sell human organs online). By the time the auction was called off, the bidding had reached $5 million dollars.

There are also many strange food items for sale online; some of them well past their expiration date. These items may include foods that have been continued, or in many cases they are foods that resemble something, For example, corn flakes that look like Jesus have been listed for sale online, and a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary sold for a whopping $28,000. Foods that are deformed in some way are also big sellers online, like the world’s biggest Cheeto. People also sell the remains of foods that have been consumed by celebrities, such as Justin Timberlake’s half eaten French toast, which sold online for $1,025.

If all of the zombie movies and television programs have got you worried about the end of mankind, have no fear because you can purchase a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit online. It includes an assortment of useful zombie-fighting weapons including knives, axes and machetes that come in a travel bag. If you’re more worried about UFOs than zombies, then you may prefer to buy a UFO Detector, also available online. Continuing on the subject of combat, do you want a Soviet tank destroyer? There is a company online that will sell you one, complete with treads and a gun. Even better, how about a giant two-ton 10-foot tall battle robot? You can buy one for about $350,000 and be the ruler of your neighborhood (they don’t move very fast so don’t expect to go very far from home in your new robot).

Forget the weird items you can purchase, what about the weird services you can buy online? A lot of people online will do just about anything for a buck, and there is a website that caters to just this type of offering ( This is a website where members can post what they are willing to do for $5. This could be as innocent as a real service like copywriting or teaching, or as strange as singing you happy birthday wearing a thong or someone punching themself in the face. Other websites also have services available for sale, which include celebrity appearances (you can rent a celebrity to go to your party or even for the night) or paying someone to wait in line for you.

Finally, to wrap up the strange things you can purchase online, apparently in the online shopping world there is also a market for buying and selling souls. On some sites you can sell your own soul for quick cash, while on others you can bid on famous souls.

Whether you actually want to buy something strange, or you just want to explore the crazy things the internet has for sale, these types of strange online shopping trends are an example of what a free and open marketplace the internet has become. Just about anything can be bought and sold online. Some items may seem disgusting, sick or just downright wrong, but maybe another weird item is just what you’ve been looking for. To each his own, and happy weird shopping!