The advantages and disadvantages of grocery shopping online


Going to the grocery store can be a pain- you have to find parking, deal with crowds, wait in long lines, carry heavy bags of groceries to and from your car (and in some cases up stairs when you get home), and deal with deceptive pricing labels and marketing tactics. For these reasons, today the […]

Signs of an online shopping addiction and what to do about it


Most people shop online at least once a month, mainly due to the convenience and efficiency of this method of shopping. By purchasing things online, shoppers can compare prices, brands, saving time and money, an all from the comfort of their own home. But what happens when online shopping becomes an addiction? Here is some […]

Online shopping threatens endangered species


You probably already know that you can buy just about anything online, but did you know that you can buy endangered animals on the internet? In fact, the internet is a huge problem in the protection of endangered species, as there is an entire marketplace where these animals are being bought and sold all the […]

Online shopping and gender differences


Online shopping is becoming more and more common for everyone, all around the world, and although it used to be more popular with women, today men shop online just as much as women (about three quarters of both genders shop online at least once a month). Men prefer online shopping to in-store shopping In fact, […]

How to save money shopping online

save money

Everybody shops online in today’s technology-based world. People shop online for the convenience more than anything- they don’t have to waste time or even leave the house to get the items they want delivered to their doorstep. They also don’t have to think about opening and closing times of stores, as the internet is open […]

Buying collectibles online

collectible car

If you shop online, then you probably already know that you can find pretty much anything you want to buy. You just type in a few keywords to a search engine, and thousand of websites appear that have exactly what you’re looking for. Even if the item you want is more obscure, there is a […]

Using mobile devices for online shopping

mobile phone

If you like online shopping then you probably have your preferred device that you regularly use to make purchases online. If you are like most people than this preferred device to make purchases is still your computer at home. However, the trend of using mobile devices for online shopping is growing quickly. Shopping on mobile […]

The advantages and disadvantages of shopping online

online shopping

Shopping online is becoming more common everyday, and spans every type of product and every type of shopper. Online shoppers are all ages, come from all types of backgrounds, and both men and women. So, why do people shop online? And why don’t people only shop online? Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online […]

Some of the weird things you can buy online


Online shopping is pretty common today, and many people buy something at least once a week. People do their grocery shopping online; they also buy clothing, purchase appliances and furniture for the home, as well as many other items. Collectors also use the internet to do their shopping for collectibles and valuable items. There are […]

Past, present and future of online shopping


In today’s technology and internet-based society, for most people online shopping has become the new way of purchasing just about anything, even groceries. It’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago this type of shopping didn’t even exist. With Amazon celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year, it’s a good time to look back […]