QuiBids.com: Where the fun is at!

What is it?

QuibidsQuiBids is a US-based online retailer that operates on a bidding fee auction format most widely known as penny auction site. The site offers a great range of products participants can choose from, plus many additional benefits associated with membership, like being able to purchase high-quality items at a very low cost or hours of fun and entertainment.

NOTE! If you are new/intermediate to penny auctions we strongly recommend you to read our guide on how to win penny auctions and how to get free bids.

How do I join?

To begin with, potential players need to sign up. In order to do so, they need to complete the required fields with their personal information; the process is quite simple and takes up only a couple of minutes, really. First time participants are encouraged to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy. All this reading could take a while, but is well worth the while. Upon registration, participants are given 3 free bonus bids they can start using right away.

When can I start bidding?

Technically speaking, once you have registered and have a username, you are ready to start bidding. The thing is that you must have purchased bids, first in order to begin with the bidding process. Each Quibid costs $0.60 and can be paid through different payment methods such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and Pay Pal. All bids are pre paid, this means that you can purchase in Bidpacks of $200 or $500. There are other promotional ways of getting bids, as well, like when signing up for the first time or referring to a friend. As soon as your bidding credit is ready to be used, you are able to choose an item, and start with the auction fun. Word of advice, read the Help section on QuiBids.com, their “New to QuiBids” column is a not-to-be missed guide full of practical tips for first timers.

What kinds of items are available on QuiBids?

One of QuiBids most attractive feature is variety. The first question you should ask is where do items come from? There are five major sources: warehouse closeouts, overstock surpluses and manufacturer stock. All products are brand-new, carefully packed and completely sealed. In addition, products come with manufacturer warranty. As for diversity, so many items can be found in QuiBids.com: you will be amazed. Participants can find products in a wide range of categories that include:

Computers and tablets
TV & Video
Kitchen & Dining
Home Decoration
Clothing & Apparel
Sporting Equipment
Tools and Home Improvement
Gift Cards

Plus many more top-class items. You will be surprised at the variety of products the site has to offer, but not only that; what strikes winners the most, is products’ quality and presentation. Unlike many other penny auction sites which ship used, low quality replicas of advertised photos, at QuiBids you get what you bid on: no scams.

How does QuiBids work?

conceptThe key concept is thrifty shopping by means of online bidding. You have already been told how to sign in and how to get QuiBids. Now, every time you purchase QuiBids packs at the Bid Store or in the Q bar, the new bids are loaded onto your credit history. You can bid on any item you have an interest in as long as you have enough bids in your account: each bid costs $0.60 so make sure you work out how much the item is going to cost by multiplying the number of bids times the price of each bid. Only then, will you be able to get a better picture of the type of deal you are getting. Every time a participant places a new bid, the price goes up by one cent and the countdown clock is restarted for about 20 seconds. This time is the online variant for the traditional auction: going once, going twice, gone! Just as with traditional auctions, the last person to place the highest bid gets to purchase the item. If you are the lucky winner of a product, you need to pay shipping costs and then wait until the goods are delivered to your home address.

The greatest advantage of penny auction sites over traditional auction procedures is that, since you made an investment, when you purchased the QuiBids, you are entitled to an extra chance. The chance is that, even when you didn’t win at the bidding struggle, you can buy the product you bid on with the exclusive “Buy Now” feature. Through this procedure, all the credits that you invested during the bidding are subtracted from the final price. Finally, the difference is what you should pay for the product. As you see, everyone is happy, eventually and you don’t need to walk away empty-handed. This system is available only with real bids, not with voucher or promotional bids. There is an extra bonus for “non-winners”; you are not stuck with the product you were bidding on, supposing you want to purchase something else, participants have the opportunity to browse through the long list of like-priced items and choose something they prefer.

When can I use the Buy Now?

As was stated earlier, you can use the buy now alternative if you were taking part in a real bid. Keep in mind that, participants are requested to bid at least once during the auction in order to be able to use the buy now. Rest assured that items purchased will never be overpriced as QuiBids sets a limit by preventing bidders to spend more in bids than what the item is really worth. For example, if the item is worth $100, you can’t bid for $110. At most, you will pay what the item is worth on the retail market.

Why should I choose QuiBids?

There are dozens of penny auction websites out there, most of which are highly enticing, attracting participants by the hundreds. There are several reasons why QuiBids makes a great choice. Here are the most relevant:

First-Class Products at Fair Prices: Unlike similar sites that sell used, bad-quality, broken or fake replicas of the advertised goods, at QuiBids you only top-quality, brand new, unopened items. Last but not least, products are fair-priced. Even if you don’t win during at an auction, you can purchase the item at retail prices without running the risk of being overcharged. The site’s policy makes sure participants get a fair treatment as well as a fair deal.

Clear, legitimate business: QuiBids boasts seals from most top online quality-control companies. Furthermore, it has an A rating with the BBB. All of this can be verified by their sound quality certifications and third party audits that contribute to the company’s honesty and integrity.

Attractive, User-friendly Website: Quibids does not only feature an attractive, easy to use, interactive landing page, but also great step by step instruction on how to use the site. For those who are new to penny auction sites, getting used to the format and rules may take a while. In fact, many first time users claim to have dropped off other sites due to their complexity or intricate presentations. QuiBids takes a step further as far as customer service is concerned, by offering a complete tutorial on how to go about the site. They provide links with the names “Help”, “FAQs”, “QuiBids 101” and “customer support”. As if this weren’t enough, frustration for beginners is also tackled with online one-on-one contact support via live chat. What strikes most page visitors the most is the site’s section called “How to win”. Finding a penny auctions webpage that gives tips on how to be successful at the game is very unlikely.

Shipment and Delivery: This is a very sensitive aspect of penny auction bidding. The internet is teeming with unhappy reviewers who claim to have won certain items at penny auction sites, but not received them. Or else, many others claim to have gotten faulty, broken or phony products. This is something unknown for QuiBids members. Lucky winners mean lucky owners, too.

Bid-O-Matic: This is one of the first reasons why many users prefer QuiBids over other penny auction sites. Bid-O-Matic is basically an automatic bidder that will place bids for you when you fail to do so. This feature can be programmed and, what is more, customized to follow the bidding pattern of your preference. It activates whenever the countdown clock drops below 20 seconds and can be set up with a minimum of three bids at a time. The automatic function can be activated or deactivated at any time during the auction process and remaining automatic bids will be stored for you to use some other time. This way you won’t have to worry about distractions or internet connectivity lag, the Bid-O-Matic will take care of the bidding for you. It is a well-known fact that complaints have sprung up stemming from the abuse of automatic bidders. At QuiBids, they seem to have found a way to tackle the issue by limiting the number of automatic bidders per auction and the amount of automatic bids a certain participant can place within a certain period of time.

….final say

So far so good, it seems that folks at QuiBids have found a way to set up a business that shows that not all penny auction sites are full of scam and deceit: definitely one to keep an eye on.