Penny Auctions: Scam or Legit?


There is a lot of discussion online about whether penny auction websites are legitimate or scams that cheat you out of your money and time. In reality, the truth is somewhere in between, and depends a lot on the penny auction website you are using. Some of the more reputable penny auction websites are definitely […]

Penny Auction Sites: From fab fad to flop?


When Penny Auction sites came on the online shopping market some nine years ago, something changed in the way buyers approached deals for good. The concept was clear, the reward, tempting. Get high-quality items at a tenth of their cost with the added bonus of entertainment along the way. However, these past years have seen […]

Penny Auction Sites: Shopping or Entertainment?


With their initial launch around 2005, penny auction sites introduced a new way to purchase items online. In its strictest sense, the method was not gambling, nor traditional shopping, either. It was a new blend: an activity meant to cater for two of the base necessities of modern-day society: consumption and entertainment. The economic setting […]

Penny Auction Sites: Scam Watch


For better or worse, penny auction sites are here to stay. Having been in the market for the past nine years or so, these half shopping, half entertainment sites provide hours of thrill and enjoyment while giving users the chance to save huge pennies on massive discounts. Part of the penny auction history includes long […]

The past, present and future of penny auctions


The concept of penny auction websites started a few years ago, but penny auctions themselves are not new at all. Penny auctions during the Great Depression The first penny auction ever was held in United States, and took place in 1931 in Nebraska during the Great Depression. The Depression hit a lot of businesses in […]

Penny auctions strategy guide


What you need to know Penny auction websites can be best described as a unique alluring experience resembling a magic show. Why is this so? First off, penny auction sites may look like shopping sites, but they are not quite that. Secondly, they may feel like gambling sites, but they are not that, either. Finally, […]

How to win online penny auctions


Whether you’re new to penny auctions, or a seasoned participant, winning auctions can be tricky. However, there are a few strategies that will help you become wine more often on penny auction websites. Follow along with this guide to a few useful strategies. Happy bidding! Check out past wins First of all, check out the […]

Penny auction sites: The variety hour show


Some experienced participants in penny auction sites claim to have gotten bored of doing the same thing over and over. It is for this reason that many bidding sites have introduced alternatives in the form of different auction types. Since penny auction sites were created to satisfy two of modern man’s greatest needs: shopping and […]

Penny auction sites: is it all bad?


For some people, the term penny auction sites have become synonymous with fraud. For others, however, these sites provide a safe haven, away from everyday worries; a place where shopping blend with fun. These seemingly clashing positions share a common core: the need to label these bidding sites either for better or for worse. But […]