Penny Auction Website Review: Outdoorsman Auctions

outdoorsman auctionsFirst and foremost, it’s important to remember that penny auctions are nothing more than a game- extremely darn competitive, but a game nonetheless (some might say even bordering on gambling). Like in any auction, it’s you vs. the rest of the world and you can win big or lose….not your shirt, but you will lose money.

Just like poker, some strategies are more successful than others and often times it comes down to the mental aspect of the game.

The online penny auction industry started to become popular towards the end of 2010, hit a boom for two years, then was culled by Darwinian natural selection in 2013 and we now find ourselves in 2014 with a small yet trustworthy list of of online sites where you can spend your money and enjoy a fun and exciting time without feeling that you are getting ripped off. Having said this, we are now finding a second wave of sites which want to jump into the vacuum now that there is less competition- whether they are all legit or not, the verdict is still out.

If you already know how penny auctions work, feel free to skip down directly to the website review by clicking here. If you’re not quite sure or would like a refresher course, keep on reading below.

So what’s a penny auction?

First and foremost, penny auctions sites are not like eBay in which you bid for an item or gift card and if you get outbid, well you don’t win the item but neither do you lose the money you put down on your bid; you must pay up on your bid, no matter if you won or not. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have a good idea how such sites function, there is a near 100% chance you’ll lose money and feel like you had the wool pulled over your eyes, which is never a fun feeling, yet certainly avoidable!

The key term here is ‘pay-per-bid model’. This term means that each time you bid on an item, no matter if you win the item or not, you will need to pay that final amount, while the final price of the item increases ‘x’ cents with each successful bid.

The bottom line is, If you bid on an item in a penny auction and it is not the final winning bid, then you must still pay up, and there is no guarantee if and/or when you will ever win on that site.

At many penny auction websites, there may be a large selection of items or just gift cards, depending on the site. However, Outdoorsman Auctions, is a wee unique. On this site they auction off items for sportsmen (and women) of the great outdoors.

How do things work at ?

Well to begin, the starting bidding price is 60 cents. When a bid is placed in the final seconds of an auction, the clock is reset an additional 10-20 seconds. There is also the ‘Auto-bid’ option, which allows the bidder to bid on items, as the option infers, automatically. All the bidder needs to do is enter a bidding range (the lowest bid for the start as well as a bidding limit) along with the quantity of of total bids to be made in that auction.

This site has a plethora of hunting items such as knives, guns and crossbows, as well as other outdoor equipment. There are also many sporting goods gift cards auctioned off on the site.

Of course, you can also skip the whole bidding process and just purchase an item. If you buy an item you had bid on, they return your previous bids (your total amount of bidding dollars does not go to the price of the item when you pay, yet you get to have those bids back for another auction).


t-upThe range of items auctioned on this site are of high interest for any fellow or lady who enjoys the great outdoors. The whole process is quite open and they don’t employ any bots to keep raising the darn price and force participants spend more and more on extra bids. The cost of the bids is also not outrageous, compared to some other online penny auctions.

The Auto-bid option also gets a thumbs-up, as it allows you to stay in the running competitively in several auctions at the same time. You don’t need to stay glued to the computer screen until the wee hours of the morning making sure you don’t get out-bid.


t-downIf you prefer just hanging out in your man-cave or living room in front of the gigantic flat screen TV, this penny auction website ain’t for you. The items offered on are, well, for outdoorsmen; it’s not


This website can offer prices better than what you might find online at retail sites or at a brick-and-mortar store. Now, that’s no guarantee, and you need to do your homework first. However, does offer a fun and fair shot at getting high-quality items (or gift cards) at discounted prices.