OrangeBidz Online Penny Auction Site

orangebidzOrangeBidz is a penny auctions site which has been created to give users the chance of getting items at really low costs rather than buying them the traditional way. One of the many auctions-based web pages that have flooded the market in recent years, OrangeBidz gives users the chance of striking a deal while having good fun, as well. Much has been said as regards penny auction sites and their legitimacy. Here is an account of the most relevant aspects of OrangeBidsz.

How it works:

The California based company is new to the online auctions business but has stirred some commotion as a fast-rising, user-friendly entertaining site. The system is just like many other sites; users register and purchase bids that enable them to take part in the different auctions going on in the site. This site is far less complex than others, and may seem as too simplistic, in fact. Once members have registered, they are able to bid on the items they are interested in, thus seizing the chance of getting discounts that rise up to 95%. The bottom line: if you get lucky, you end up paying 5% of what the item is worth. In order to benefit from those massive bargains, participants are requested to purchase bids which start off at $0.75 each. Collaborators at OrangeBidz claim that users can get bids at cheaper prices, just by participating in certain promotional offers. Bids are purchased through payment mehods such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cirrus, Discover and Pay Pal.

countdownA countdown clock is aired and a certain time span set, bidders place their bids during this time and the last one to have made the highest bid before the clock strikes 0 is the lucky winner and gets the prize. It is highly important that members-to-be read the terms and conditions section really carefully. This way, unwanted surprises can be prevented. Also, participants must learn to do the math behind each transaction. You should remember the items cost the final bidding price, plus the number of bids you invested in order to win the auction. Let’s analyze this with the help of an example: suppose you won an item at $5 final bidding price, but you spent 20 bids at $0.75 each, you should multiply 20 times 0.75, plus $5. This will work out $20. Doing the calculations is the only way to truly know whether you are really getting a bargain or not. Since shipping is free for auction winners, you don’t need to add that to the final price. Participants who fail to win the item can resort to the “Buy now” feature which gives you the chance of purchasing the lost item at retailer price. What’s the deal? You may ask. The only advantage of this possibility is that you get to use the bids you invested in the auction instead of losing them altogether.

What type of Auctions can I find?

Auctions are listed on a sort of experience pyramid. Some special types have been especially preserved for first timers, whereas other types are recommended only for the seasoned player. Here are the auction types available at

24-hour Auction: the classic live auction in which bids are invested in order to win.
Free Auction: For first timers who haven’t yet won, no bids are lost on these auctions.
Fixed Auction: There is a fixed period of time and price, so in the end you know you can’t pay any amount going over the fixed price.

Advantages of the Site

t-upListing the pros to this site will not take long, in general, we can say the page looks legit and it shows safety seals that eventually have a link. It should be noted that the companies behind those endorsements are not among the most prestigious or noteworthy, but at least the seals look real, unlike other sites that have fake seals that lead you nowhere or to other companies. Since it is a low bidding auctions site with moderate competition, there is a high chance that you may eventually win something. Some auctions are carried out really fast and so final prices can be low.

However, some reviewers claim to have spent around six hours bidding just to win a bid pack worth $40. Generally speaking, countdown clocks are set for longer time spans than usual which means that users can spend a lot of time. In addition, shipping is free and so far, there haven’t been many complaints regarding the service. It should be said that the site is relatively new, so there aren’t many reviews out there; either positive or negative.

What’s the Downside?

t-downWhat puts off participants from using the site for long are three major pints:

Lack of Variety: Most of the products on the inventory are nothing special in fact, they are really basic, even boring. Lots of $10 Gift cards for Amazon, Walmart or Target cannot motivate many people to keep at it. There are a couple of electronic goods here and there, but nothing to strike your attention. There were I- phones a week ago and a juicer this week. Nothing over $500 really, so participants should think this one out very carefully. Is it really worth going through all the bidding expenses and wasting so much time just to win a gift card or a bid pack?

As for legitimacy, the site hasn’t been live for so long and there isn’t much evidence to proof whether it is good or bad. Furthermore, the company has not yet asked a third, neutral party to audit its functionality and certify that it doesn’t use shills or robots to extend bidding for hours and eventually increase product price. Many uncertainties still remain unanswered. What is certain is that neither the Federal Trade Commission, not the Better Business Bureau has given OrangeBidz any rating at all. We will have to wait and see what the future has to say about this penny auction site.

Bottom Line: Try it if you want, but keep your expectations low.