Lazy Bids Penny Auction Site

lazybidsThese past years have seen the rise and fall of numerous penny auction sites, some of the stories being quite dramatic in fact. Lazy Bids is no exception in the world of entertainment web pages as it bases its popularity in offering eye-catching, colorful and trendy objects popping out of a website of the same characteristics. Furthermore, self-defined as the hottest penny auction site online, Lazy Bids has set itself out to conquer the market. Let us take a closer look at this site to see if they may succeed in the process or end up hanging in the hall of shame with so many other sites.

How it works

Lazy Bids resorts to the classic penny auction site format in which bidders fight over the desired products by placing small bids each at a time. Multiple players can take part simultaneously and the winner is the last person to have placed the largest bid before the countdown clock strikes zero. All standard auctions start off with bids of zero and go up by a cent at a time and the whole process can be followed by using the “pin” function which enables participants to look at the auction closely. The countdown timer clock is reset every time a new bid is placed, thus giving new players further chances to place a bid in the items they are interested in. Finally, if the clock reaches zero and no other player places a bid, the last person to have made a bid is the winner and is enabled to claim the prize. Prizes are then shipped to your address within 48 hours.

What is the System like?

Auction Types

Regular Penny Auctions: This is the basic system as it was described before. Bidders place their bids while the clock is ticking down to zero, if a new bid is placed, the clock resets itself and goes on until it reaches zero. Once the time has run out, no other bidders can join in or engage in the bidding as the deal is closed.

Timed Reserve Auctions: This auction type limits the number of participants within a certain time range, once this time limit is over, no new bidders can join in. The auction then goes on with the members who succeeded in getting into before the reserved time was over.

No Reserve Auctions: The Lazy Bid system posts a scale to decide when the lock out will be activated. Once it does, no further bidders can engage and the auction continues with the remaining members.

An innovative and catchy feature of the Lazy Bid system is the bid back guarantee. This means that no player loses the money they invested in bidding on a product they did not win. On the contrary, the money is returned to the user’s account and can be used in future auctions with no detriment to the member.

What kind of products can I bid on at Lazy Bids?

Many kinds really, as with most penny auction sites, the categories are varied and quite eclectic. Nonetheless, Lazy Bids offers a much poorer range of products than similar sites, giving too much relevance to unimportant items like gift cards or bid packs. Interesting, top-brand goods in the fields of electronics, appliances or sporting, are few and biddings over them are extremely competitive and hard to win at. All advertised goods are presented as brand new, packaged and sealed.

What’s to like?

t-upEasy to understand, user-friendly website: In spite of being somewhat overwhelming, the Lazy Bids website is easy to understand and follow along. Similarly, it offers participants the chance to answer most of their questions through different means and in multiple formats. Clicking around the site may take a while, but once you get used to it, you can easily get past by the pop ups, banners and advertising. If you need to stay awake late at night, Lazy Bids works better than coffee!

Clear and Easy-to-follow methods: Auction styles are explained thoroughly and are simple to understand, even for first timers. Should participants have any question during the process, they can easily click away to the help section and come back. Since the interactive product window offers a vast array of possibilities, players can get the upper hand by customizing the way they view auctions with the drag and drop window function available on each item.

Quick efficient shipping free of charge: This feature is highly innovative and one most players love: free shipping. According to lazy, you get your goods within 48 hours in perfect conditions and at zero cost.

What’s not so cool?

t-downPoor Product display: The products shown online are very limited and belong to a less than small number of categories. This fact keeps many participants away, mainly because most penny auction site mongers are pretty much tired of bidding for gift cards. A fresh air of new products could help the site regain relevance.

Tacky Design: The fact that color and hype was a part of the site’s makeup was mentioned earlier. The truth is that it sometimes gets downright tacky: too full of stuff, you end up not reading anything really. This makes you wonder whether they are concealing anything behind this palette bravado.

Fake Trust Seals: One of the most evident qualities of this penny auction site is their need to scream to the world: we’re legit! They have all kinds of trust seals and company endorsements all over the site. The problem is, when you try to click on some of the trust seals, you get redirected to seals certification for another company called! Their payment site is not secured either which means that your private information may get displayed or used for purposes other than the ones stated in the terms of policy.

Overall Opinion

Lazy is pretty much like many other penny auction sites in many senses. Before deciding to join in, make sure you do some further research concerning the security issue. A company that includes a safety seal which is not theirs has the word scam written all over.