iBid2Save or I Bid To Lose?

ibid2saveiBid2Save is a penny auction website based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Meaning, this website is for users in the United States. iBid2Save offers a variety of items to bid on, although they seem to specialize in electronics (you can bid on items such as iPads, televisions, PlayStations, computers and more) and gift cards (like many other penny auction websites there are a variety of gift cards to well-know stores, restaurant “dollars” and more). They also claim to auction off tools, appliances, jewelry, purses, watches and more.

What iBid2Save claims sets them apart from other penny auction websites is a special category that isn’t common in these types of auctions that you can bid on: tickets to sporting events, movies and concerts.

According to iBid2Save by winning penny auctions on their website you can save up to 90% off retail prices on all sorts of goods and items. You can purchase bids for $0.60 and up, depending on the bid package (meaning, you buy bids in bulk). Bids are non-refundable on this website, and can’t be used towards any other products or items, which means that if you lose the auction you’re bidding on, you lose that money and can’t get it back. So be wise about your bidding and don’t over bid until you get the hang of it and know what you’re doing. Another way to get bids on this website (other than purchasing them) is to earn them. You can do this by inviting friends and family to become members, or by purchasing an item in exchange for bids. Other ways to get free bids include liking them on Facebook or simply just registering if you’re a first time user (yes, you get some free bids just for registering, apparently 125-150).

How do you win on this penny auction website? To win an auction, you have to be the final bidder before the clock runs out. As with many other penny auction websites, every time there are more bids, time is added to the clock, so bidding towards the end of the timer is important, but the auction could still go on for some time. This is because every single time the bid is raised the timer is reset to a predetermined bid time. If no one raises the bid before the timer runs out, the auction closes (and the last bidder wine). That is how you win.

Each item up for auction will include a photo, a countdown clock notifying you of how much time you have left to place your bid (the clock will add time with every bid but continue to countdown). There is a large button to “bid now” on each image, making it easy to get right to bidding. You’ll need to sign up to bid or purchase of course, but that only takes a few minutes.

This penny auction website has a unique feature that isn’t common on other similar auction websites, which is their prime account option. Members with this type of account don’t pay for shipping on the items they win. This is a great feature because shipping and handling can be quite expensive, on this website and on some other penny auction websites as well.


Something negative about this penny auction website, which is something that is not common at all on other penny auction websites, is that they charge winner an auction (or “winning”) fee. It could be anywhere from $5.00 to 10% of the purchase price of the item. That doesn’t mean your purchase price, but rather their purchase price; meaning the amount the item cost them, not what it will cost you if you win the auction. There is also a shipping fee on each item (unless you have a prime account), which usually costs around $10.00.

Although having an auction fee and a shipping fee is not ideal, at least you can find out what exactly these fees will be for an item before you bid on it by clicking on the item and scrolling down to check fees. However, you have to know to look for these fees, which many people don’t, so they don’t even realize there is an auction fee until after they have won the auction.

Not so great reviews

dislikeSome customers have been happy with the website, saying it is easy to win auctions and easy to navigate, while others have complained openly online that the website is not what they expected, or even a “scam”. Something that has surprised many users, mainly because it is not common on penny auction websites, is the auction fee, which you have to pay in order to get your win. Some people have called this penny auction website a down right scam, saying that items they won never arrived or were “out of stock” and they were refunded in more bids (or not refunded at all). Others say that what they did win wasn’t of any real value, or wasn’t what they expected. Several people have complained that they never received a vacation they won, for example. Many people have also complained about the “dining dollars” they have won, which they claim were actually just low-value coupons to fast food restaurants (not what they expected).

In fact, the website SiteJabber.com warns penny auction website customers that this website is a scam and should be avoided. They recommend that you don’t sign up, mainly due to their hidden auction fees and the bad experiences customers have had. Many customers have also complained about the lack of customer service as well, and some have even claimed to be in the middle of litigation with the company.

All in all, this is probably not a recommendable penny auction site, mainly due to the auction fee, and poor reviews they have received from customers they have used their website and participated in auctions. However, that does not mean that all penny auction websites are scams, as many are legitimate and get good feedback from customers and users.