HappyBidDay Penny Auctions Site

happybiddayHappy Bid Day is an online shopping and gaming service based on the penny auctions format in which users place bids on advertised goods over a certain period of time. By the time the clock time runs out, the last bidder to have placed a bid is considered the winner. What’s the catch? Winners get massive discounts on retail prices by purchasing the item they won on the auction at a really low cost. Serving the twofold purpose of easy online shopping and entertainment value, HappBidDay penny auctions presents itself as an innovative and reliable. Is this so? Let’s take a look.

What is it?

As many others on the market, Happy Bid Day works on the assumption that users are benefitted by joining their auctions site mainly because they have access to a wide variety of products at knock-off bargain prices. An item is advertised and the bidding begins, every time a new bid is placed the countdown clock re starts, thus giving other bidders the chance to join in, if there aren’t any more bids, the last player to have bid is the happy winner in this particular auction and is prized with the chance of purchasing the auctioned item at the final bidding price. In general terms, penny auction sites give customers the chance of shopping online at really low costs. There are, however, numerous claims of dissatisfied customers who have raised awareness on three major issues: overpricing, customer service and shipping delays.

What kind of products can I find on HappyBidDay?

As with most other penny auction sites the scope is pretty wide. Unlike similar sites, though products at HappyBidDay are brand new, factory wrapped and sealed and come with manufacturer warranty. What attracts first timers the most is the great range of high-tech, state of the art equipment and gadgets. Other bidding pages feature a TV or I pad every here and there. On this site, on the other hand, your wildest dreams seem to be fulfilled as the page is teeming with I phones, I pads, HDTVs, tablets, electronic toys, gaming consoles, precious metals and other valuable items most sites do not offer.

What kind of Auctions can you find?

Although the bidding model is similar in most auction types, there are a few differences and several auctioning kinds to suit all tastes. The most popular ones are the 24-hs Happy Live Auctions: This site gives participants the chance to bid any time, anywhere, from the comfort of your own home. Users should be made aware that company policy does not allow several accounts to be held in the same address. So, simultaneous bidding by several family members would be considered a violation of house rules and may terminate your membership. What is great about these types of auctions is that, even when you need to stop bidding for any reason, you can carry on with the help of the automatic bidding feature. Some former users have complained that the site is not always live and getting logged in at certain times may be difficult.

What’s to Love?

t-upNewcomers do best: On average a 70% of satisfactory reviews come from beginner participants who are thrilled with the chances they were given to:

a) Win free bids upon registration, plus being able to actually use them and finally winning something. Many other penny auction sites have a bad reputation for giving users free bids that end up wasted because they cannot actually be used.
b) Effective customer support and guidance through users’ first steps.

Efficient Shipping Services: Most users are satisfied with swiftness and quality. Why they charge to ship on the “buy now” feature is not clear as retail transactions are carried out through Amazon and everybody knows they do free shipping.

Variety and Availability: Entering the site and taking part in the different auctions seems to be easy and practical. Products advertised online look high-quality and are not generic, but well-known brand name items. This is certainly a must since many other penny auction sites hook customers by showing misleading images of products they will never really auction.

There’s a Downside, too

t-downThe not-so-cool aspects of HappyBidDay can be summarized in three categories:

Experience = Less Luck? There is a curious fact many reviews pick on: rookies get very lucky and have great shopping experiences to begin with. When many of these users go on to more serious bidding, the fun seems to be lost and winning opportunities vanish into thin air. Five-star reviews come mostly from new users who haven’t been on the site for over a month or so. Furthermore, some very angry players claim to have seen a dramatic change on the site overtime. They say that the more you invest, the less you get.

Unstable Customer Support: There is an ongoing argument as regards customer service efficiency, or lack of it, for what is worth. About 50% of users feel happy with responses to their inquiries. The other half however, have filed complaints as regards the company’s lack of support and mention issues like non-existing links, unclear customer and privacy policy rules, plus a phony line which seems not to exist. Suspicion on whether this site may be a scam has been raised overtime. To make matters worse, arguments have not been fully disclaimed by the company, yet.

Who wins the hot goods?

Another major issue that gets users ticked off (and it’s not the countdown clock I’m talking about) is the fact that you are always “almost there” when it comes to hot prizes. Let’s put it this way, the internet is full of stories that say: “I was after the Xbox, but ended up winning a nice gift card for my mom” or “I’ve been bidding on a tablet for ages, and have finally gotten a nice helicopter toy!” Voices of complaints sustain that the big winners who always end up beating you in the very last minute are part of a robotized scam to put real bidders out of the game. Nobody seems to have looked into this matter seriously.

Final Say: Try the site, but only until you are requested to give out your credit card information. Since the links on the “privacy and user policy” generally don’t work, you won’t be able to read what you are really getting into.