DealDash: Game Change for Penny Auctions

DealDashThere is a place where online shopping meets virtual entertainment and this place is called penny auction sites. You may have thought that you had seen about everything there was to see regarding online auction sites, well think again, because presents itself as a worthy alternative in the world of online bidding.

NOTE! If you are new/intermediate to penny auctions we strongly recommend you to read our guide on how to win penny auctions and how to get free bids.

DealDash: What is it?

It is a penny auction sites like so many others out there, unlike many others however, Deal Dash changes most penny auction game rules from the very beginning. Here are some of the most outstanding features that set DealDash apart from similar sites:

Innovative Webpage: most penny auction sites scream from their home pages, so much so, that it is common for users to feel somewhat overwhelmed, and even intimidated, just by the looks of them. Dozens of articles popping out of the screen with countdown, auto-reset clocks, numbers here and there, pop ups, pop over sliding and dazzling banners: you name it. Sometimes it’s a sodding circus out there. So the first major difference can be clearly seen the minute you link on their site: simple, easy to read and informative. What you need to know is presented little by little instead of all at once. Links are user-friendly and beginners can profit from the help section thoroughly.

Free Shipping: According to many participants, one of the weakest aspects for most penny auction prize –winning systems lies in the shipping and delivery of products. There are numerous sites out there with angry players who claim to have purchased items online and either got faulty broken goods or, even worse, nothing at all. This is especially irritating when participants say they have been charged through the nose for the shipping alone. At Deal Dash free shipping is a must. Furthermore, most items are shipped within the next 24 hours, so waiting endlessly for an item you purchased weeks ago becomes a thing of the past.

Money Back Guarantee: But what really strikes DealDash as very different from most other penny auction sites is the fact that they offer a money back guarantee. On those rare occasions where customers feel unhappy with the prizes they won, or the purchases they have made because they either don’t fit the online description or for any other reason, they can ask for a refund within two weeks after the transaction has been carried out. No questions will be asked. How it Works

First time participants who wish to join in are asked to complete a simple and quick registration process. Once you have registered, you are able to purchase DealDash bids, that is, the bids you will use to take part in the different auctions available on the site. Bids must be bought before you begin bidding and are sold at a price of $0.60 each. As with all penny auction sites, many different payment methods are accepted. Transactions with DealDash are protected against phishing and identity theft. You should remember however, that no system is 100% foolproof so it is best for participants to be careful with password disclosure, especially if you are logging in from a public PC. DealDash Bids are purchased in packs, are kept in the user’s account and must be used within the following year, if not they expire.

bidThe bidding system is pretty much like with traditional auctions, except that there is no auctioneer and no hammer of course. All of these auction landmarks are replaced virtually by a countdown clock which sets time limits for bidding. Every time a new bid is placed, the countdown clock is automatically reset in order to give other participants the chance of placing new bids. It is important to note that you shouldn’t wait until the very last seconds in the countdown process. If something should go wrong with connectivity and a lag occurs, the bid may not enter and you will be left empty-handed. Items that have been bid on raise their price by one cent every time a new bid is placed. The last bidder to have placed a bid before complete countdown is over is the lucky winner and can purchase the item.

Is there a winning limit: How many times can I win?

In order to ensure transparency and credibility, folks at DealDash have set certain specific rules regarding participants and winning. There is a winning limit of 9 auctions per week. Split into 6 auctions valued under $200 and 3 over $200. The limit is renewed on a weekly basis starting on the day the user originally signed up in DealDash. Once a participant has reached the winning limit, the system will automatically prevent them from placing any further bids. This limit, regarded as obnoxious for some users, helps other participants get their fair share of the winning experience. Last but not least, a winning limit is the best way to show the world that at DealDash robot bidding is not a feature.

What if I lose?

Many beginners ask the same question over again and reviewers hold the answer: use the Buy Now option. This alternative has become a popular tool among penny auction sites and marks the real difference between a betting site and a shopping site. Since DealDash is a legitimate shopping site based on bidding, participants can make use of the Buy Now function and eventually purchase the item they were bidding on at retail prices. Items advertised on DealDash will be sold at prices featured on Best This way, participants can be sure that they are not being overcharged for an item. In fact, the Best Buy logo can be seen on the Buy Now link and all orders are endorsed, placed and carried out by Best Buy. What could get more legitimate than that?

How will I know if I win?

After an auction is over, winners will see a congratulations page displayed on their screen. Most importantly, they will get a full detail with the price of the item, the amounts of bids that have been deducted from their account and a close guide instructing the winner as regards following procedures. Upon confirmation, the winner is linked to a payment page where the winner can actually carry out the payment. As if all these safety measures weren’t enough, the winner will also get an email with a confirmation of the purchase. Winners are requested to pay the full price of the item up to 14 days after the winning notification has been sent. For users who have resorted to the Buy Now option, payment must be carried out no later than 7 days. The same payment methods used to purchase bids are available for this step, too under the same security protection.

Why should I choose DealDash over other Penny Auction Sites?

Penny auction sites have earned a lot of notoriety these days, mainly thanks to tricky, deceitful proceedings that involve overpricing, fake users, automatic ghost bidders and shady rules. Not to mention the large amount of complaints filed on the shipping and delivery issue: downright shameful. DealDash seems to be a clear exception in the world of online bidding, and although 100% happy customers is a naivety, a large number of users state to be satisfied with the site beyond their expectations. Here are the top reasons why DealDash is preferable to other sites:

Customer Service & Support: Most reviewers share their experiences involving customer service and support. Defined by many as friendly, helpful and cooperative, collaborators at DealDash get first prize for their dedication, quickness and efficiency.

Fast, Top-Quality Shipping at Zero Cost: Shipping is probably one of the most sensitive aspects in the penny auction sites business. Consequently, any site that does its due diligence and manages to perform this task effectively is likely to get two thumbs up from their clients. A large percentage of users feel more than happy with the way shipping was carried out and describe the service as prompt, swift and hassle free. Those who had any inconvenience, state that their claims or requests were attended to by helpful and attentive collaborators who hastened a quick response.

Good-Quality Products: Products seem to be just as advertised. Although some reviewers resent the fact that some of the items on the electronics section were dated or too generic, when they compare these products and their price with prices on the market, they are better able to understand that they had a fair deal. Variety is also noticeable and the fact that you can get your bids’ worth back in products makes the whole process feel much more transparent.

…final say

Those of you who have switched from traditional online shopping to penny auction sites because you crave the fun and entertainment involved with bidding, you can carry on with your pastime in a safer way. Don’t miss out on your chance of having a blast while getting massive discounts at This is a site you don’t want to miss.