Buying collectibles online

collectible carIf you shop online, then you probably already know that you can find pretty much anything you want to buy. You just type in a few keywords to a search engine, and thousand of websites appear that have exactly what you’re looking for. Even if the item you want is more obscure, there is a good chance that someone, somewhere is selling in online.

The internet has changed the face of shopping forever, especially for collectors. Today you can buy just about anything you want online, a reality that has made the phenomenon of collecting grow and change (and it will continue growing and changing indefinitely). Today, there are many more collectible categories than there were even a couple decades ago, thanks to the fee and open marketplace that the internet has provided. This helpful guide will cover many of the collectible categories that exist today on the internet.

Decorative and Holiday Collectibles

Decorative collectibles cover a wide range of items that are meant for display and decoration, rather than use or function. For example, plates, music boxes, spoons, miniature houses and more.

The category of holiday collectibles, on the other hand, refers to collectibles related to the holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and more. Very often they are tableware related items such as plates or glasses.

Comics, Figurines, Toys and Dolls

The world of comics continues to grow as these collectibles increase in value more and more. The comics for sale online can often be very old, in mint condition (or not) and cover a wide variety of subjects (crime, history, superheroes, and more). Comic books are currently categorized into the following five eras: Platinum Age of Comics (1897-1937), Golden Age of Comics (1938-1955), Silver Age of Comics (1956-1969), Bronze Age of Comics (1970-1979) and the Modern Age of Comics (from 1980 until now).

Clearly the characters and action figures associated with many of these comics have also become important collectors items, and many of them can sell for thousands of dollars, especially if they are in mint condition and still in their original packaging.

Action hero figurines aren’t the only toys that sell online as collectibles. There are many stuffed animal and doll categories that do quite well in the collector community. In fact, the doll category has been around for quite a while and is an important category still today. Many dolls can sell for thousands of dollars, and just like action hero figurines, they are especially valuable when they are in mint condition and in their original packaging.

Memorabilia Categories

First of all, Disney memorabilia is a very popular collector category online, and includes all items related to Disneyland. Many collectors specialize in the purchase of collectibles of a certain Disney character, such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Cinderella, Snow White, or another popular and well-know animated character. Other collectors may just search for Disney memorabilia in general, or of a certain type (clothing, for example). The items could be vintage (before 1968) or contemporary (after 1968) and usually include clothing, accessories, figurines, housewares, toys, art, theme park souvenirs, watches and more.

Military and political memorabilia is another subcategory of memorabilia and covers just about everything related to the military, such as medals, helmets, uniforms, and many other items from past military conflicts. Many collectors specialize in a certain historical war such as the Civil War or World War Two.

Advertising memorabilia is another popular collectible category right now, and could include promo glasses (they could be modern or retro and usually feature advertising, sports figures, characters, and more) or other types of advertising including signs, banners, pins, key chains, stickers and more. Many collectors focus on the advertising images from a certain period (such as their childhood), or they collect advertising done by a certain brand (Coca-Cola, for example).

Vintage lunchboxes also bring collectors back to their childhoods, and is another popular collectible on the internet right now. Many of the older tin models that are still in good condition sell for hundreds of dollars. Some collectors also specialize in certain brands or certain eras (for example, the 1980s).

Clocks and watches

Telling the time has changed a lot over the centuries and decades, and many collectors specialize in clocks and watches from certain eras. Some collectors may specialize in the larger, more valuable vintage grandfather clocks, while other collectors may collect a certain type of watch (that is either retro or modern).

Dinnerware, China, porcelain and pottery

There are collectors that specialize in fine China or porcelain, and they are especially valuable if they are antique or vintage and in good condition. Some collectors in this category may specialize in a certain style, era or origin of the china or pottery. For example, dinnerware from 19th century England or Native American pottery.

Coins, stamps, baseball cards

Collecting coins, stamps, and baseball cards are trends that have been part of the art of collecting as long as collecting itself has been around (maybe they even started the hobby of being a collector) and continue to be important collectibles today that are bought and sold online everyday. Rare coins, stamps or baseball cards can be extremely valuable (worth hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars).

More Categories

The above categories are in no way where the buck stops when it comes to online collectibles shopping. Meaning, this guide is in no way complete, as the quantity of collectible categories today is astounding, and new categories continue to pop up daily. There are many other categories including liquor, medical antiques, vintage appliances, tobacco collectibles, snow domes, travel souvenirs, music (mainly records), books, photography, art, vintage clothing, jewelry and many, many more. In general, whatever someone wants to collect, thanks to the internet, they can.

Today, the internet has opened up the world of collecting to a whole new arena of categories, and collectors can find just about whatever they’re looking for quickly, easily and from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re interested in selling or buying collectibles online, the marketplace is already ready and waiting.