BTG Penny Auctions Website

btg-penny-auctionsBTG Penny Auctions is probably one of the most popular penny bidding sites around the web these days. Thousands of users claim to use it regularly and win amazing prizes at very low costs. The purpose of the site is to offer both entertainment, plus the economic bonus of purchasing much-needed items cheaply.

How it works

The site shows items online upon which participants place bids starting off with a bidding price of zero. At the same time, a countdown clock starts working until it gets to zero when the deal is closed. Should there be any last-minute bid, bidding time will be extended another 15”. Every time a participant hits the bid button, a BizBux (BTG Penny Auctions currency) is discounted from their account. Similarly, the bid price goes up by one cent every time a bid is placed on the item. Finally, the last bidder to place a bid before the countdown is over is the lucky winner and will now be able to buy the item at the BTG Penny Auctions price, whatever amount the last bid was.

If bidders are lucky, they can get good-quality items at totally knock-off prices, plus handling and shipping costs. If they fail to win, they can purchase any available item for the amount of money they bid during the process even up to two hours after the auction is over. The whole transaction is completed when the goods are delivered to the winner’s address.

What Items can participants bid on?

Participants can place bids in many different categories. BTG Penny Auctions offer a wide range of variety when it comes to picking useful objects. The categories cover the following fields:

Home & household
Jewels & accessories
Computers & accessories
Health & beauty
Electronics & accessories
TV and video
Gift Cards

How do participants get started?

First timers are requested to complete a registration process free of charge, from that very moment, they are able to start bidding on any item they fancy. Together with registration, participants are given 10 free BizBux which is the currency used to take part in transactions within the BTG Penny Auctions website. Actually, each BizBux costs $0.65 via payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover and PayPal. Once players have purchased this “money”, it is added to their account.

What kinds of auctions are available?

There are different types available for participants to engage in at BTG Penny Auctions. They are: reverse auction, lowest unique auction, fixed price auction, half back bid auction, lock auction, night auction, open auction and seat auction among many others. In all cases, players are treated as shoppers who seek to have a bit of fun before finally carrying out the purchase. The system takes a while to learn and may seem complex at first. This is the reason why online tutorials are offered by the website for beginner bidders who wish to learn the trade.

What’s to like?

t-upThere are hundreds of reviews around internet which quote happy bidders who claim to have made a true bargain in this site. Here are some of the positive aspects of this site:

Product quality: all products at BTG are brand-new and come in their original sealed packaging. Furthermore, users’ manuals and product warrants are also included in the shipping.

User Friendly: Many participants enjoy taking part in the auctions because they find the activity fun, entertaining and enjoyable. Plus, the site gives careful guidance to newcomers by resorting to step by step instruction, tutorial videos and a comprehensive FAQ section which caters for almost any rookie’s needs.

Variety: The site offers an interesting array of products and auction styles that help participants get engaged more often. What is more, many claim never to get bored with this site as the format is constantly being modified as well as the auction style.

What’s not so cool?

t-downNegative reviews focus on three major pet peeves and they are:

Money-losing doom: Dozens of reviewers accuse BTG of being extremely costly in the end. Even when products start at a zero cents cost, in the end, you lose so much trying to win in the bidding process that you would have been better off going to a regular store or shopping the “normal” way. Moreover, several dissatisfied participants resent the “buy now” function which makes you have to buy anything, even when you don’t want it or need it.

Claim your Item endlessly: Others, however, feel they have been victims of a scam as the products they bid on, and supposedly won many months ago have not yet been delivered. A small group of claimers have put forward complaints as regards the quality of the shipping and delivery process, not to mention those others who have never had any decent reply to their demands.