Penny Auction Review: Bidserious

bidseriousWhat’s an online penny auction? Excellent question. Who/what is That question is a little more complicated than the previous question, so let’s answer the former: the answer- a simple game; potentially loads of fun and maybe even a little addictive, but still a game. Some critics (and even aficionados) point out that it’s actually gambling. However, just like a trip to the casinos in Vegas, as long as you go in knowing that you’ll leave with your wallet a wee bit lighter, yet that the money was well-spent and you had a good time, online penny auctions can be just as fun as playing at the one-armed bandits.

Online penny auctions became the ‘in’ thing in 2010, with their heyday from 2011-13. As more and more bidders became experienced and penny auction connoisseurs, the runt websites of the pack were culled and nowadays we are lefts with group of websites where for the most part, you can trust (of a borderline fashion), the websites’ conduct and know that you can spend your money and time having an enjoyable experience without being ripped off. However, More and more players are hoping to enter this niche market and carve out a piece of the pie for themselves. And like many dot-coms, profit king and customer satisfaction is not always the bottom line.

If you’re already a veteran auctioneer, by all means, click here to head straight to the review regarding If you’re still craving more introduction into the world of online penny auctions, read on.

Online penny auctions are NOT: like e-bay, amazon or any other brick-and-mortar shop’s website. Nor is it a simple traditional auction website.

The ARE: Rather conspicuously similar to a gambling website, even though online gambling is illegal in the US. When participating in an online penny auction you will ALWAYS spend money (to participate). However, unlike a normal auction or gambling website, you also always have the opportunity to use the money you spend to buy items from the website.

This is what people in the business call the ‘pay-per-bid’ and ‘Buy Now Button’ systems. With the first term, it means that with each (new) bid you make, you are guaranteeing that you will pay the money that have bid, no matter if you win or lose that particular auction. The second term means that if you lose a particular, you are allowed to buy that item (even though you did not win it outright) and use the money you dedicated to your bi(s) as credit towards your purchase.

In the end, each time you participate in an online auction, you will be paying money- either to pay for bids and possibly win the auction or lose the auction yet use your bid money towards buying the item at its full (yet often time higher-than-retail) price. So, if you look at it like going to the county fair carnival or a casino, it’s similar but even better- even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to buy the price.

A couple years back, online penny auctions had a reputation worse than Gargamel from the Smurfs. The industry was rife with negative reviews and complaints regarding how so much money was spent/lost on such sights, there was no true public list of winners, noted winners turned out to have some sort of connection to the company, horror stories of winning items never being delivered; the list was endless. All this brought about serious government investigations which shut down of many websites that were conning their members/ bidders. Very few website industries had such a negative reputation in the media as the one that penny auction sites were sporting.

Bidserious, though, was not one of those conniving sites (which is why it remains operating, obviously), and it’s quickly gaining a reputation as one of the ‘safest’ and most enjoyable sites in the industry.

What makes Bidserious special?

In the beginning, this site seems comes off a looking like any ole’ run-of-the-mill penny auction website. Bids are bought at 60ยข each, and with each success bid the final price is increased just a penny, while with each successive bid replacing a few seconds back onto the ticking countdown clock for that auction. If your bid is the highest when time runs out, you get the item (after paying up on the total winning bids that you made).

Yet with Bidserious, making each auction fair seems to be (thankfully) their winning sales mantra. You must declare yourself as a rookie or veteran (and they can easily scout your tendencies to find out whether or not you’re telling the truth). On this site, there is monthly limit on how much you can win, and at Bidserious, they do their best to sniff out bidding rings who try to cheat the system.

What’s more, the site assures that they do not employ bid-bots in order to extend auction times (and thus increase the final price of the item) or outbid all participants and thus avoid having to hand over an item at a nicely discounted price. The site publishes data as evidence of legitimacy for each bid and auction.


t-upThere are a number of things to make you smile about this site, yet the key message the folks at this site seem keen on spreading is that making big bucks is not the only thing that concerns them; donating a share of their profits certainly seems to fall into step with this message (a nice tax-deductible that acts as marketing, for sure; but a donation to charity no less).

This website seems to be telling the truth when they say they do not employ bots or shilling (employees who purposely outbid users, yet with no intent of winning; thus simply raising the final price. Taking into account that they have installed a system to separate the newbies from the veterans does instill trust that they actually want to give you a fair shot at winning.


t-downWe know, we know- you’re just dying to know what the negatives are right? Because no penny auction site can be this good. Well, actually there is a catch; not the worst in the world, but a con nonetheless. We’re not sure if this is due to the fact that the folks at bidserious are fairly new or if it’s just their attempt to keep costs low (or both)– but at the moment, all you can really bid on and win on their site are gift cards. So finding out your bid won won’t exactly feel the same as hitting the lotto jackpot, but still– winning always feels nice.


To sum it all up, this website is a great place to sharpen your skills and have a heck of a fun time. No underhanded tricks or cheating, and fun is the name of the game. If bidding in fair penny auctions is important to you, then this site is for you.