More than a Penny Auction Site

BeezidBeezid is a penny auctions site alright. But is it just like any other? When you log in, the site looks just like any other auctions website: products shown countdown clocks ticking live and magically resetting every now and then. Bottom line: it looks just the way it should. But let’s take a closer look at the business behind the site and analyze in more depth what Beezid is all about.

NOTE! If you are new/intermediate to penny auctions we strongly recommend you to read our guide on how to win penny auctions and how to get free bids.

What is it?

A lot has been said as of late concerning the legitimacy of penny auction sites and some of their practices. Many people question the true value of sales vs. entertainment in these sites. In spite of being addressed by some as betting sites, the truth is that they are not. In fact, many complaints of this kind have been dismissed mainly because they are fallacious altogether. Although online betting is illegal in many states, online bidding is not and Beezid is no exception. Having said this, let’s make a list of the site’s most relevant qualities. is an online shopping webpage which bases its shopping strategy on bids. That is, potential buyers must outbid other participants in order to be able to purchase the item at the last bidding price. The site offers diversity as regards products, auction styles and categories.

How does Beezid work?

mechanismAll first time participants are requested to sign in before being able to place their initial bids. You must first complete all the fields in the registration process and then you need to purchase bids whose price will vary depending on the bid pack of your choice. Once you own enough bids to get started, you must then choose an item you like and you can start bidding. You can take two different roads down the bidding path: you can either place one bid at a time or you can play with the site’s automatic bidder or sniper feature. Either way, the price of the selected item will go up by one cent every time you place a bid. Simultaneously, the countdown clock will reset itself in order to give other players the chance to place new bids, should they be interested in doing so. If you get lucky and no other player places a bid after you have, you automatically become the winner as soon as the clock has come to zero.

Being the winner in an auction enables you to purchase that item at the bidding price, which is generally much lower than market retail price. If you happen to be outbid, don’t feel sad, at Beezid, all bidders have a chance of winning by means of the buy now feature. This way, participants can finally purchase the item they lost their bids on at great prices, too. The system works as follows: if you lost an item, you can buy it up to 24 hours after the auction is closed. You pay the price featured on the site, minus the bids you invested during the auction. The calculations will result in the difference you have to pay in order to finally get the item. Winners and shoppers alike must then pay shipping costs and wait for the item to arrive.

How do I get bids?

Upon registration, you will be instructed to purchase bids so that you can take part in the different auctions available on the site. Bids come in packs of 36, 60, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000. Bid prices vary from $0.55 to $0.90. The smaller the pack, the higher the bid price; the larger the pack, the cheaper the bid will be. At Beezid, large economy packs truly pay off when it comes to saving. The perfect example can be seen in a case like this, a player who gets the 40 BidPack, ends up paying $0.90 the bid, whereas one purchasing the 200 BidPack will pay $0.60 per bid. Beezid offers several options when it comes to payment methods: visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Pay Pal and Bill me later. Bonus info: Beezid takes special care to protect all participants’ privacy. Rest assured that personal information is kept private and all transactions are secured with the strictest safety controls.

How do I start bidding?

The first thing most rookie bidders need to do is get some training. One of the greatest pros of joining Beezid is that they know just how to instruct newcomers in order to make them feel comfortable. Here are some of the features prepared to aid first timers on their path to success.

White Locks: Beginners who haven’t been able to win yet will see this icon on their screens. After participants have won at least once, the icon will no longer be available to them. This is a great way to encourage first timers and to make them feel welcome.

Cherry Auctions: Again, represented by an icon, cherry auctions are easier to win and have been especially devised for new members who are looking forward to understanding the complexities of the site. Participants are entitled to win up to 10 cherry items, and unlimited Cherry Bid packs. This will not interfere with any other auction you take part in, or prizes that you may win.
Guaranteed Win Auctions: If you do not win the first Bid Pack purchase, all the already placed bids will be returned to your account as Win Bids which can be used during Guarantee Win Auctions.

What Kind of Auctions can I join in? offers a great deal of variety when it comes to auction styles. The most widely sought after are: Live Penny Auctions, Cherry Auctions, Cash Money Auctions, Price Freeze Auctions and Free Shipping Auctions. Since we have already discussed the first two types, let’s check into the rest to see what they are about.

Cash Money Auctions: This auction type is very popular because it involves the winning of cash money. It starts off at a set price and every bid drives the price down until it has reached $0. Once this takes place, the auction automatically changes into “cash mode” and bids start summing up until the auction is closed. Whoever is the last bidder will not only win the item, but get the same amount of cash money which will be added to their Beezid account to be used later on the site.

Price Freeze Auctions: This type of auction is preferred particularly for costly items that are much cherished among participants. The final price is limited to a certain percentage of the item’s retail price. However popular the item is and regardless the amount of bids placed on it, the item cannot cost more than the fixed price. For example, if an item has a fixed price of 10% and it costs $20, the final price bidders could pay for it could not go over $20. This is particularly useful for bidders who have a hard time controlling themselves when bidding.

Free Shipping Auctions: Another favorite among Beezid users. All winners of free shipping auctions are awarded with zero shipping costs on the items they get. This is an attractive feature used by many players to increase savings big time.

What is to love about Beezid?

loveTransparency and Accountability: In the world of penny auction sites, honesty is certainly a rare word. There are all kinds of scams luring on the internet, waiting to get hold of unaware victims. Hundreds of happy reviewers refer to Beezid as a safe, responsible site. Payment transactions are Norton secured and privacy policy features rule every single registration procedure. In addition, all items are new factory sealed and have the standard manufacturer’s warranty. Finally, the company has a clear refund policy for returned items that appear to be faulty, broken or which do not fit the description provided on the site. Transparency is highly promoted by means of the site’s numerous channels of communication with the general public which include social networks, media, blogs and winners circle. All participants can get permanent online support upon request.

Online Store: Even if you fail to get lucky and win at any of the auctions, shopping online at Beezid can turn out to be a great experience. There are dozens of first line products to choose from at amazing prices. You only need to browse through the different items and make your pick. The experience can turn out to be highly satisfying since products are guaranteed, knock-off bargains a must and last but not least: you can get free shipping if you shop for over $99.

…final say

When you visit the website for the first time, looks just like any other penny auction site, however, as you move on and dig deeper into it, you can encounter a pleasant ride full of shopping entertainment. Weel-designed, carefully-planned, highly informative and apparently reliable, Beezid presents itself as a breath of fresh air in the world of penny auction sites. And the best is that the site hasn’t even reached its peak, yet.