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Beezid.com is by far our favorite penny auction site. The number of Beezid's active users is in good proportion with the auctioned items, thus making it easier for you to win since there are not so many people bidding on the same item as you. Beezid.com offers over 500 auctions daily, from inexpensive items to thousands of dollars items and even cars. Read our full Beezid review.



Dealdash.com is the second biggest penny auction site in the world after Quibids in terms of registered users. Established in 2009 they have stayed in business for a while and managed to become one of the largest companies in this field. Unfortunately we have to give DealDash a 2# because of the users and auctioned items proportion. Read our full DealDash review.



QuiBids.com used to be number #1 but their user database expanded making it very hard to win since A LOT of people are bidding at one time. Quibids is still a decent site and if you have a good strategy in place you have a big change of winning. Quibids.com has the largest amount of items auctioned so we got to give Quibids no #1 for that at least. Read our full Quibids review.

If you are new to penny auctions you should take the time to read our guide on how to win.


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